Installing the HP 9000 Smartchip


By Tim Farrell, Faroudja Toner Technical

Manager       HP 9000 SmartChips






1. It is recommended that you fill the HP 9000 cartridge first with toner to avoid possible corruption of the Faroudja smartchip.  You might also want to test the cartridge to insure it is fully functional.


2. Then, the old smartchip needs to be removed.  That smartchip is located on the outside of the cartridge on one of the end caps.  There are two endcaps; one has a number of visible contacts and one does not.  The smartchip is located in the end cap that has the contacts.


3. Once you have located the smartchip, you need to remove it.  Preferrably utilizing the end of a screwdriver, pry the chip loose.


4. Clean the chip placement area with lint-free cloth and alcohol. (this is not absolutely necessary, but highly recommended).


5.  Taking your new chip in hand, remove the liner backing of the chip. This sticky area will be placed on the hopper where the old chip was located.


6. Place the chip in the cartridge recess, pressing firmly to adhere the chip to the hopper.  This completes the installation.  


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