Remanufacturing the Okidata C 9000


By Tim Farrell, Faroudja Toner Technical

Manager       Okidata C 9500 Printer



1. The Okidata C9000 series is an easy cartridge to remanufacture.  To begin remanufacturing, remove the cartridge from the printer.   


2. Next, take the cartridge and flip it over.  Now, you are looking at the bottom of the cartridge.  This is actually the only way to access the toner hopper that carries the toner – from the bottom.


3. On the cartridge’s side, you will see a plastic handle, and near it, a small plastic tab about ¼” by ¼” in size.  The handle allows you to move a piece of plastic that covers the toner hopper hole (in most cases both the handle and tab are colored in blue).


4First, locate the small tab.  As stated before, it is ¼” by ¼” and is near the handle.  This tab is basically a locking device and allows you to unlock the handle.


5Once you have located the little tab, depress it.  


6Now that the tab is depressed, proceed to the larger handle.  Rotate the handle; if nothing happens, trying moving it in the opposite direction.  If you rotate it properly you will see a long piece of plastic open, and then you will see a long horizontal slit or hole that is about as wide as the cartridge.  Once you see the plastic move and the hole is visible, proceed to the next step.


7. The slit or hole is in fact an opening to the toner hopper that carries toner for the cartridge.  So, pour toner from your toner bottle into hole to fill up the cartridge. 


NOTE:  We’d recommend you pour the toner with the use of a toner funnel cap that is screwed to your toner bottle, since the slit is comparatively small in height.



8. Once your toner bottle is empty, you have filled the cartridge.  So, you need to close the toner slit or hole by returning back to the blue handle.  Go to the plastic handle and rotate it in the opposite direction in which you originally rotated it.  The idea is to close the piece of plastic and cover the slit and hole.  It needs to be completely closed, or otherwise toner will spill out.  If it is not closed try rotating the handle again until it is closed and the slit is no longer visible.


9Once the toner hopper slit or hole is again covered, you have completed the remanufacturing.  So, turn the cartridge over so that it is right-side up.  Place the cartridge into the printer – this completes the process. 


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