Remanufacturing the QMS 6100


By Tim Farrell, Faroudja Toner Technical

Manager     QMS 6100 Printer



Supplies Required:  Toner

Optional Supplies:   Toner Pour Spouts


1. The QMS 6100 cartridge is one of the easiest to recycle.  To begin the recycling process, remove the cartridge from the printer.


2. Next, locate the toner hopper cap on the cartridge.  Remove the cap from the cartridge.


3. Inspect the inside of the cartridge to see if any toner remains.  If it does, clean it using your toner vacuum.  NOTE:  It is not critical that the cartridge have all the previous toner removed, as our toner is compatible with the OEM toner, so the two will mix successfully, but it is a generally good practice to remove as much as you can.   


4. Screwing on the toner pour spout to your bottle, pour the contents of the bottle into the cartridge.  

        Toner Pour Spout


5. Once complete, screw the toner cap back firmly onto the cartridge.


6. Repeat the process with the remaining three toner cartridges. This completes the remanufacturing.


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