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1.  Toner  >  Glossy Okidata

2.  Drums  >  Xerox 4500

3.  Chips  >  Samsung

4.  Mr. Toner  >  Hopper Fixture


Bulk Toner

Our Bulk 10 Kg Bags are growing in popularity,   

probably due to savings of 30% or more compared

to bottles.  Our outstanding Okidata 5100 glossy

toner is well-liked, and Xerox 7300 continues to

do well.  Recently released:  Brother TN 210 toner

and Xerox 7500 (chips under development).


OPC Drums

Faroudja Has Released a drum for the Brother

TN 115.  Available with gears, the drum also works

for the TN 110.  Additionally stocked is our Xerox

Phaser 4500 drum (excellent) and Xerox 7760.

And look for good prices all month on basic HP

monochromes:  HP 2100, HP 4000,  HP 4200

and HP 8000.



Hard-To-Find smartchips are a FAROUDJA

specialty!   We recently introduced them for the

Lexmark C 935 and Samsung SCX 6345 (toner  

also available).  In fact we have a wide range for

Samsung:  SCX 4200, SCX 4720, SCX 6220,

as well as CLP 300 and 315.



Ask Mr. Toner


    "I was on the website.  What

is the Universal Hopper Fixture?"

   Roger Thornhill, Glendale, CA ~



"The Hopper Fixture holds hoppers while you

recycle and is a handy tool.  It leaves your hands

free for precision assembly work, and there's a

rack for holding the mag roller and doctor blade.

There's a front tray for screws and parts."




            Roger Thornhill





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