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Faroudja Leads in chip development!   We recently

introduced Lexmark C 935 and Samsung SCX

6345 chips.  New lately are Lexmark C 935

drum chips (we carry the drum), Lexmark C

734/738, and Okidata C 8800.  Coming soon

are Xerox 7500 & Lexmark C 540 smartchips.


OPC Drums

Faroudja Has Released a drum for the Xerox

Phaser 4510.  Available with gears, it can print

45 pages per minute.  Also stocked is our Lexmark

C 935 (excellent), Brother TN 115 & Dell 3110.

And look for good prices all month on basic 

monochromes:  HP P 1005, HP P 3005,  HP P 4014.


Color Toner

Specialty Color Toner is what  FAROUDJA is

all about!  2 weeks ago we added black, cyan,

yellow and magenta for the Lexmark C 935, which  

we strongly recommend.  We also carry Samsung

CLP 600/650 and CLP 610/660 toners.  All colors

are in bottles as well as 10 kg bags.




Ask Mr. Toner


    "I had a line on prints I think was from the OPC

drum, but now it's gone.  Why?"

  Jane Scoggins, Glendale, CA ~



"Jane, thank you for your telegram.  Sometimes  

toner can collect on the drum surface and just stick

there, so if you have the problem again, check the

OPC.  We also carry a drum cleaning solution

designed to remove surface contaminants."



            Jane Scoggins





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