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They're Here!  Faroudja has approved SmartChips

for the Xerox 7500 (right).  They are available for

all 4 colors and drum.  Xerox 7500 OEM cartridges

retail at $375 for black and $550 for the colors, so

we think it's an opportunity.  Also look for Xerox

6280 chips, as well as 7700 and 7750 drum

chips, at new, unbeatable low prices.


Bulk Toner

Faroudja Now Supplies excellent bulk toner  for

the HP P 4515, and we have a large stock.  Also

popular is our bulk HP CP 2025, as well as Xerox

7750 and Brother TN 210.  We additionally carry

glossy Okidata 5200 toner in bags.



New Color            

Not Everybody  needs bulk, especially for smaller

color cartridges.  So for the Samsung CLP 620,  we

have bottles & bags, and provide drums & chips.






Ask Mr. Toner


    "My Epson Stylus CX 1500 inkjet has problems.

The prints are getting lighter and lighter -- why?"

   Mary Blair, Boston, MA ~



"It sounds like you are simply running out of ink, so 

you either need to get a new cartridge or replace

the ink.  Speaking of which, Faroudja sells ink itself

in 1 liter bottles for many Epson and HP printers,

so you can save money that way if needed."




                 Mary Blair





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