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1.  Chips  >  Xerox 6280

2.  PCRs  >  HP 2300

3.  Toner  >  Bulk

4.  Mr. Toner  >  Dust Collector



Introduced Last Month are our Xerox 6280    

smartchips (right).  We've had the 6280 toner in

bottles and bags for some time, but finally released

the chips.  Also look for our excellent dedicated

HP 4200 & 4300 chips and Xerox 5500.



Faroudja Supplies outstanding PCRs for a wide

range.  We stock PCRs for all major monochrome

engines (HP 4000, 4100, 8000, Dell, Samsung,

etc), and have recently released HP 2300 PCRs

(right).   If you need a PCR give us a call!


Bulk Toner

Beat The Recession when you buy bags!  You     

save 30%.  All HP, Canon & Samsung monochrome

and color toners are now available in 10 kg.  Also

in bulk are HP 3600, Dell 3110, Xerox 7750,

and Xerox 6280 toner & developer.


Ask Mr. Toner


  "Mr. T, we're an Iowa recharger that's been

buying Oki 9600 bottles from you guys.  We like to

keep our workplace spotlessly clean.  Any ideas?"

   Frank O'Conner, Winterset, IA ~



"You might consider our Portable Dust Collector.

It's three feet wide, three feet high and three feet

deep.  Any toner floating in the air gets sucked up

by the dust collector, so there's never anything on

your workstation.  Specs are on our website."










                               Frank O'Conner





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