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Bulk Toner

All Our Colors are available in bulk 10 kg bags.    

Especially popular lately are our HP 3600, as well

as Xerox 7750 and Okidata 5100 -- all sold in

10 kg.  Recently introduced are Xerox Docucolor

toners:   Xerox DC 30 and DC 3535 bulk. 

Savings are a steep 30% compared to bottles!



Faroudja Supplies outstanding doctor and wiper

blades for a wide range.  Released last month are

doctor blades for the HP 3600, right, which help

greatly with cartridge performance.  Also stocked

are HP 2500 and 5500 wipers & doctors.



Faroudja Continues to Expand its ink!  Universal    

inks have been available for some time:  we carry

them for HP, Canon, Lexmark and others in one

liter bottles and great prices.  We now have added

solid ink sticks (right).  We sell solid ink for the

Xerox Phaser 8400, 8500, 8650 & 8860.


Ask Mr. Toner


  "Mr. Toner, I see you have Xerox 7750 parts.

What about fuser units?"

   Nicky Moore, Los Angeles, CA ~



"No, we don't actually carry any fuser units; they

are far too complicated to remanufacture.   For

the Xerox 7750 we do have a drum and drum

smartchip.  We also of course carry the toner in

bottles and in bulk."









                                 Nicky Moore





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