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Color Toner

Now In Stock is our Brother HL 4040/TN 110/TN

115 toner!   With outstanding color performance, 

this has become our most popular and is available

in bottles and bags (greater savings).   Also in

bags:  glossy Okidata 9600/9800,  HP 3800,

Xerox 7750, and Xerox 6130.   HP 3800,

bags:  glossy Okidata 9600/9800,  HP 3800,

bags:  glossy Okidata 9600/9800,  HP 3800,


OPC Drums

FAROUDJA Is the Leader in OPC drums!  With

strong surfaces and rugged design, our drums

have the lowest failure rate around.  Pictured right

is our versatile Xerox 7750, which also works for

the Xerox 7760.   The drum unit is easy to recycle,

and we supply instructions.  New:  special  drum

pricing is currently available for both mono and

color if bought in cases of 50.


Plastic Parts

Brother TN 110 & 115 reset gears can  get 

damaged or broken in the process of recycling.

Fortunately, FAROUDJA has the solution.  We

carry reset gears themselves (right) in 10 or 100

packs.  Other popular plastic parts include Brother

TN 360 reset flags, EX end caps, Lexmark drum

covers, and our Brother developer roller cover



Ask Mr. Toner


     "On your website's home page, I see you have

a dust collector.  What does that do?"

   Miles Archer, Chicago, IL ~



"Our toner dust collector, generally for heavy-duty

remanufacturing, consists of a large fan and 3 filters.

The fan draws in any toner floating in the air to the

filters where they remain.  So, the toner dust stays

in the collector and not on your workstation."









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