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Faroudja Continues to be first-to-market in chips!

Recently introduced are Lexmark X264 & X364

smartchips, as well as Xerox Phaser 3200, Phaser

4510 & Phaser 6130 (right).  Our dedicated chips

continue to be the best in the business, and 

especially popular are dedicated HP 2300, HP

4200, & HP 4250s.  Currently under development

and coming soon:  Lexmark E 260 & C 540 chips.



If You Do A Lot of cartridge recycling, you might

want to consider our high-capacity toner vacuum

(right).  Our biggest yet, the vacuum comes with

a 5 gallon disposable bucket to retain toner, an

HP by-pass motor, foot switch and statically

controlled utensils.  It's available in both 110 volt

and 220 volt versions.


OPC Drums

Faroudja Has One of the widest selections of OPC

drums around.  Recently available are a Lexmark

T 640 drum (right), as well as Brother TN 110/115.

We stock a wide range for color, from HP 3600

to Xerox 7750/7760 to Okidata 9000.  Our Xante

Ilumina drum is also pretty popular.  New:  special 

drum pricing is currently available for both mono

and color if bought in cases of 50.


Ask Mr. Toner


     "Anything new with your bulk toner?"

   Brandon Shaw, Kansas City, MO ~



       "We now have a terrific toner

for the Brother TN 110/115, which is available in

10 kg bags.  We're also selling our Xerox

Docucolor 240 in bulk."









                        Brandon Shaw





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