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1.  LAS VEGAS SHOW  >  Expo 2010

2.  Color  >  Brother TN 210

3.  Chips  >  Lexmark X364

5.  Mr. Toner  >  Wiper Blades


Well, If This is Summer there must be a Recharger  

trade show:  yes, World Expo 2010 is here.  We'll be

at Booth 658 -- our biggest yet -- and all of our

latest products will be on display, including toners,

drums, plastic parts, and tools & machines.

See you in Vegas!    


 You Never Gamble With Your Toner  when you  

buy from Faroudja, which is why we recommend our

Brother TN 210.  Customers love the quality and all

colors are sold.  Now in bags:  Oki 9600 & 3200,

Brother TN 115, & Xerox 7400.



Our Chips Are A Perfect Ace in performance:

some may be expensive, but they always work.

New lately are the Lexmark X264 & X364, Xante, 

and Xerox 4510.   Plus, we have unbeatable prices   

on standards like HP 4200, Xerox 6130 & more.


Ask Mr. Toner


  "Do you have anything to improve wiper blade


   Bob McBride, Flagstaff, AZ ~



"We'd suggest our wiper blade cream, which we

sell in 2 or 16 ounce bottles.  After a while the

polyurethane portion of the blade gets stiff, but the

cream restores flexibility and extends the life."         




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           New Lexmark Chips






               Bob McBride




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