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OPC Drums

Faroudja Supplies a terrific toner for the Brother  

TN 115, so we're pleased to now introduce the

drum (right).  Like our toner it works for all Brother

HL 4040 models (TN 110 & 115).   Less than

a foot long, the drum has a spring mechanism

on one end.   Also look for great color drums for

Xerox 7760, HP 3800, and HL CP 1215.


Recycling Tools

What's New With Chips?  Well, Faroudja recently

introduced smartchips for the Lexmark C 935,

pictured right.   A rare item, these chips are

available for all four colors (the toner is also

supplied).   Also new are Lexmark C 734 & 736,

and dedicated HP 2300, 4200 & 4300 chips; we

have special deals this week on the dedicated.


Color Toner

Money Is Tight and one way to economize is with

bulk toner bags.  You can save 30% to 40% alone

if you purchase in quantities of 10 kg, and we have

them for all colors.  Popular bags lately are the

Xerox Phaser 7300 & 7760, Dell 3110, and HP 

2600/3800.  Coming soon:  Xerox 7500.


Ask Mr. Toner


  "I stopped by your booth at World Expo.  What

does your 5 gallon toner vacuum do?"

   Ashok Patel, Mumbai, INDIA ~



"The 5 gallon toner vacuum is for heavy-duty

applications.  It has an enormous filter and moves

on wheels.  We have a lighter, portable vacuum

too.  Thanks to everybody for visiting the show!"








                     Ashok Patel






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