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1.  Invaders from Space!  

2.  SmartChips  >  Pricing Out of this World

3.  Bulk Toner  >  Rocket Science

4.  Alien vs. Mr. Toner  >  Dust Collector   


Looking for Prices out of this world?  Try Faroudja

smartchips!  We now offer very competitive pricing

for Dell 3110,  Xerox 6180,  Samsung CLP 300

and basic HP (HP 2300, HP 4200, HP 4250, etc).


It's Not Rocket Science:  sell bulk 10 kg bags, and 

you save 30% or more for your customers.  Which

is why we really like our Oki C 9600, Xerox 7750,

Dell 3110 & HP 3600/5500.  And the color range

of those toners looks from another planet!


All Our Toners have a matching, associated drum:

you can get an HP 3600 drum with the toner,

complete Oki drums are available, and our Xerox

7700 & 7750 OPCs remain popular.  Faroudja

monochromes such as the HP 4100 are also noted

for quality.  They're so durable, customers come

from all over to get them!

Ask Mr. Toner

    "Take me to your leader.  I require Dust Collector


   Mardok, Meridiani Planum, Mars ~



"I can help -- you can see those on our website by

clicking here.  The machine nicely cleans up any

excess toner in the air.  When working with toner, you

need to be cautious:  if you swallow it or get it on

your skin and eyes, you may see little green men."








         SmartChip Invasion



     Okidata C 9600 Bulk Bag





 Mardok (Martian)




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