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1.  Chips  > Xerox 6280

2.  Color  > Save $$ With Bulk

3.  OPC Drums  > Dell 3110

4.  Mr. Toner  >  5 Gallon Vacuum




If You're Searching for an unusual smartchip, you

might want to give us a call.   We now stock Xerox

6280 smartchips, which are entirely different from

the Xerox 6180.   Both low and high yield are

available (but everybody gets the high yield).  Also

look for great prices on Xante Ilumina chips.


Color Toner

Get the New Year off to a great start with bulk 10 kg

bags!  You save 30% compared to bottles.  New

lately are our Xerox Docucolor toners, all in bulk:

Xerox DC 3535, as well as Xerox DC 30 & 40. 

Continually popular as well are our HP 3600 10 kg.


OPC Drums

With Durable Surfaces and long life, FAROUDJA

OPC drums work well.  Look for solid performances

from our monochrome drums such as HP 4100,

4200, 8000 and more.  Our color drum selection

continues to expand; we now carry Xerox 7760

drums, and recently have introduced the Dell 3110

(right).  The Dell requires a chip.


Ask Mr. Toner


  "I see you have a toolbox toner vacuum and

also a 5 gallon one.  What's the difference?"

   Lisa Fremont, New York, NY ~



"Lisa, thanks for your letter.  The 5 gallon vacuum

has a much larger capacity, and unlike the toolbox,

is not very portable.  You can drag the 5 gallon

vacuum around -- it comes with wheels on the 

bottom -- but it's for heavy-duty applications."








           Lisa Carol Fremont





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