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Black Toner

A Great Way to Save on monochrome toners is

with Faroudja bulk 10 kilogram bags.  From Canon,

to HP, to Samsung and more, all our bottles are also

in bags.  Cost reductions range from 30% to 40% --

please contact your sales representative for details.


Color Toner

Faroudja Is Pleased to announce our Dell 3130

toner has been qualified.  The Dell 3130 printer,

recently introduced, is Dell's latest foray.  Toner as 

well as carrier are available.  Also in stock:  Dell

1320 and Minolta 2400 bulk at great prices.


OPC Drums

If You Need Drums for monochrome or color   

cartridges, chances are we carry them.  In demand

right now at Faroudja are,


-- Xerox 7700/7750/7760 drum


-- Okidata 9600 drum & drum fuse


-- HP 4200 drum


-- Lexmark T 640 drum


-- Xante Ilumina drum & drum fuse


Ask Mr. Toner

    "Anything new for SmartChips?  I see you

now have the Lexmark C 750/752/760."

   Mitch Brenner, Santa Rosa, CA ~



"We've had the Lexmark C 750 for a while.  What's

new lately is a chip that works in the HP P 2035

and HP P 2055.  Both low and high yield are

available.  Also to be released, in about 2 weeks,

are Dell 3130 chips (different from the 3110)."








    Okidata 9600 OPC Drum



Mitch Brenner





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