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If You're Looking for hard-to-find smartchips, chances

are FAROUDJA carries them.  Unusual chips stocked

now include those for the Xante Ilumina,  Xerox 7400,

and Xerox 6180.  Also look for excellent dedicated

chips for HP 4200, 4250, 4300 & others.


Color Toner

Shop Victoriously from Faroudja when you buy 10 

kilogram bags!  As we've said, you can save 30% to

40% when you get bulk.  Introduced recently is a very

good Okidata C 3000/3100/3200 toner, which works

for all 3 engines, and HP 3800/4600 bags.


OPC Drums

Our Drums' Reputation continues to grow.  With the

lowest failure rate in the industry, our OPCs get no

complaints.  Our basic monochromes (HP 1200, 4000,

4200, 8000, etc) are solid, but we increasingly supply

good color drums.  Popular for color are Xerox 7750

and Oki C 9600; for black, the Brother TN 350.


Ask Mr. Toner


  "I see you carry Methuselah drum padding powder --

does that give a drum a coat?"

   Bruno Anthony, Arvin, CA ~



"Bruno, thanks for your telegram.  Actually, the padding

powder greatly reduces the friction between paper and 

drum when you print, and so extends life (but does not

really give a permanent coat).  The Methuselah is

especially good and one bottle lasts 7600 pages ."










            Bruno Anthony





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