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Color Toner

Beat the Recession when you buy bags, where 

you can save 30% or more compared to bottles.

Our Dell 3110 is now in bulk, and we have black,

cyan, yellow & magenta for the Xerox Docucolor

3535.  Also in bags:  our super-glossy Okidata

9600/9800,  Brother TN 04 and Xerox 7760.


OPC Drums

FAROUDJA Is the Leader in OPC drums!  With

strong surfaces and rugged design, our drums

have the lowest failure rate around.  They make

a good complement to our black toners, and our

HP 1200, 4100, 4200 & 8100 OPCs are highly

recommended.  For color, Xerox 7750, HP 3600

& Okidata 9600 drums are popular.



What's New With Chips? Well, Faroudja recently 

introduced smartchips for the Lexmark C 770

& C 780, rare items.  Also look for our Samsung

CLP 310 chips, as well as Gestetner P6216.

We're currently overstocked on Dell 3110 & Xerox

6180 smartchips and they're priced to move.


Ask Mr. Toner


     "I see you sell lint-free toner cloths.  What is

the advantage?"

   Scott Ferguson, San Francisco, CA ~



"These are helpful for cleaning laser printer parts

when a soft finish or lint-free wiper is required.

They especially work for polishing drums, PCRs,

rollers and other components.  Standard cloths

or paper towels may leave traces."








                    Scottie Ferguson





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