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Christmas Wonder


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Color Toner

What's that Under the holly to the right?   Why,

it's 10 kilos of Xante Ilumina!  With savings of up

to 40%, bulk bags are a gift.  We have them for

most color engines.  Introduced lately:  10 kg

bags for Xerox 7760, Xerox Docucolor 30 & 40.


OPC Drums

Get Christmas Savings with select drums from  

FAROUDJA.  Monochrome drums for the HP

1200, HP 4200 and HP 8100 are 15% off in

December.  Also 15% off are several colors,

including drums for Xerox 7400 & 7700, HP

8500 and Oki 9600.



Deck the Halls with lots of smartchips!  Faroudja

continues to lead in chip development.  We were

first-to-market with Xerox 6180, Xante Ilumina,

and Samsung CLP 310 chips.  Your little ones' 

faces will light up when they see you can get our

new HP 4200 dedicated and Lexmark  X 204s.


Ask Santa's Helper


  "Miss Helper, I'm recycling a Brother TN 115

but damaged the reset gear.  Any ideas?"

   Matt Andrews, Midvale, CA ~



"Those gears can break, so we sell them brand

new as a ten pack.  In some cases customers

just replace them entirely instead of resetting.

They need to work -- 'tis the season to be merry,

not malfunctioning."















              Matt Andrews






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