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Christmas Wonder


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Color Toner

What's that Under the holly to the right?   Why,

it's 10 kilos of Xerox 6360!  With savings of up

to 40%, bulk bags are a gift.  We have them for

most color engines.  Introduced lately:  10 kg bags

for Brother TN 210, Lexmark 780 & Xerox 7500.


OPC Drums

Get Christmas Savings with select drums from  

FAROUDJA.  Monochrome drums for the HP

4200, HP 8000 and HP P 2005  are 15% off in

December.  Also 15% off are several colors,

including drums for Xerox 7400 & 7700,

Lexmark C 540, C 780 and Oki 9600.



Deck the Halls with lots of smartchips!  Faroudja

continues to lead in chip development.  We were

first-to-market with Xante Ilumina, Xerox 7500,

and Samsung SCX 6345 chips.  Your little ones' 

faces will light up when they see you can get our

new HP P 1606 dedicated and Primera CX 1200s.


Ask Santa's Helper


  "Miss Helper, I'm recycling a Xerox 7500 but

don't know where to put the toner.  Any ideas?"

   Henry Potter, Bedford Falls, MA ~



"The Xerox 7500 cartridge is a long tube without

caps or anything.  One option is to just drill a hole

near the right.  We have complete instructions.

We want you to do it correctly  -- 'tis the season to

be merry, not malfunctioning."















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