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New Chips Introduced Lately include Xerox 6360 &

Xerox 6350 (they are different).  Coming in three

weeks are Xerox Phaser 6500.  In terms of  better

pricing, look for our outstanding dedicated

monochrome smartchips HP 4200, 4250 & HP 

P 1606, as well as Xerox 7500, at lower prices.


Bulk Toner

Faroudja Now Supplies excellent bulk toner  for

the HP CP 1215, and we have a large stock.  Also

added is our copier toner for the Ricoh Aficio 551.

Continually popular as well are Xerox 7750,

Brother TN 210, and Oki 9600 toners, all in bags.


OPC Drums            

Faroudja's Drum selection continues to grow.

Our Brother TN 115 and TN 210 (right) work well,

and we further stock excellent Xerox 7760 and

Okidata 9800 drums.  Also supplied are a large

choice of HP:  HP CP 1518, CP 3525, CP 4025,

CP 5225 and CP 6015.  Wide-raging monos

from HP 8100 to P 4014 are additionally available.


Ask Mr. Toner


    "I'm looking for HP Designjet 111 ink in 50

millilters.  Do you supply that sort of thing?"

   Hugo Foster, Tustin, CA ~



"Hugo, thank you for your telegram.  It is a little

known fact that Faroudja does indeed carry ink for

many Epson and HP printers.  We have the HP 111

ink; however we carry those in 1 liter bottles and

not smaller quantities."




               Hugo Foster





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        FAX: (650) 593-3817


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