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OPC Drums

New Drums Introduced Lately include Xerox DC

240 black (pictured right), Samsung SCX 6320,

and Samsung CLP 770.  Brother TN 115, TN 210,

and TN 310 OPCs are available.  We also expand

our Xerox Phasers to include 7300, and carry

Xante Ilumina  502 drums.


Bulk Toner

Faroudja Now Supplies excellent bulk toner for the

Xerox Phaser 6500, and we have a large stock.

Also added is our toner for the HP CP 3525.

Continually popular as well are Xerox 7760,

Oki 9600, and Xerox DC 3535 toners, all in bags.


Bulk Ink           

Faroudja Is Proud to announce our new line of

sublimation inks.  Available in 1 liter bottles (like

the rest of our inks), these sublimations are

currently available for Roland FJ42, FJ52, and

FJ400; Mimaki JV2, JV22, and J4 Series; and

all Epson ink printers including desk-jet and large



Ask Mr. Toner


    "I am refilling a Xerox Phaser 4510.  There is an

upper and lower plug -- where do I put the toner?"

   Melanie Daniels, Chagrin Falls, OH ~



"Melanie, thanks for stopping by our office.  The

4510 has a weird, two chamber design for the toner

hopper, and you actually need to put toner in both.

We recommend 1/4 in the bottom and the rest in

the top."




            Melanie Daniels






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