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Color Toner

Slash Costs with 10 kg color bags!  We continue

to sell a lot of the bags, even in this current

recession.  People can't resist the savings of 30%

or more.  Look for great deals on our HP 3800

10 kg bags, or Okidata 5500 and 9600/9800.

Xerox Phaser toners, like the 6180 & 7400, are

also very reasonably priced in bulk.


OPC Drums

If You're Recharging with our toner, might we

recommend our drums?  Nearly every one of our

toners has a matching drum we supply.  Popular

recently are Xerox 7300 & 7400 OPCs,  and

especially the Xerox 7700.  Also look for our

Minolta 2400 drum, Okidata 9600 and solid

monochromes like the HP 4100, 4200 & 8000.



Faroudja Has Introduced several new chips.  We  

recently added Xante Ilumina smartchips, and

they're in stock now and available to ship.  We

supply both Dell 3110 and Xerox 6180 (low and

high yield).  Additionally we have a complete

range of Samsung SCX chips, including the

SCX 4200, 4720 & 6220.


Ask Mr. Toner


  "I was looking at your OPC cleaning solution

on your website.  Does that give a new coat to

the drum?"

   L.B. Jeffries, New York, NY ~



"Thank you for your telegram.  Our OPC solution

just cleans the drum and removes surface

contaminants, and so extends drum performance.

It definitely does not provide a new coat.  Once a

drum surface is damaged, it's usually very hard

to repair."











                                   L.B. Jeffries






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