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  1.Thanksgiving Specials!

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Color Toners
Great Deals continue with our latest 

color bags!  Save 40% when you get our new bulk

for the Xante Ilumina, Xerox Phaser 7760, and Dell

3110.  We also stock all Okidata color (5500, 7000,

9000, etc).  Bag costs will make you thankful this



OPC Drums
Our OPC Drum selection is large, with

outstanding drums for all HP models such as the 1200,

2100,  4000 (right), 8000 available.  This Thanksgiving,

get 15% off all Okidata 9600/9800 drums with gears.

Coming soon:   Xerox 7700 & 7750 drums.


Keep Clean With the dust collector!

Nothing does a better job of sucking up unwanted toner

dust than this machine.  Place it near your workstation

and the fan & three filters collect all toner in the air.

No setup is required:  just take it out of the box, plug

it into a wall outlet and it's good to go.


Ask Mr. Toner

    "My husband Larry bought a Xerox 6180

printer and needs refills. Is that the same as the Dell


   Debbie McVane, Florissant, MO ~



"Those are the same engines, and the Dell 3110

toner and developer are identical to the Xerox 6180.

However, it should be noted  the Dell 3110 and 6180

smartchips are engine specific, so any similarity

between the chips is a turkey tale."





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