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Color Toner

Beat The Recession when you buy bags!  You     

save 30% and we have several new toners.

Xerox 6180 toner is now in bulk, and you can

get the carrier as well in 10 kg.  Also in bags are

HP 3600, Xerox 7300, 7400 & 7750, and we 

have B, C, Y and M for the Okidata 5500.


Recycling Tools

Faroudja Supplies a range of recycling tools, and

just in is our PCR conductive grease (right). 

OEM cartridges have the grease on PCR ends

when new, but it wears out after 1 cycle.  By

replacing the grease, drum charges improve.  We

additionally stock PCR cleaning & coating creams.


OPC Drums

Our Drum Selection is growing, especially color.

Now in our warehouse is a Xerox 7700 drum,

which has quickly become popular.  Recently

added a month ago are drums for the Xerox 7300

and the Okidata 5500.  And don't forget our

monochrome OPCs:  our HP 4100, HP 4200,

HP 8000,  Canon BX, etc. drums all do an

outstanding job.


Ask Mr. Toner


  "Anything happening with chips?  I'm looking

for some Dell but can't find them anywhere.  I

need a bailout!"

   Roger Thornhill, New York, NY ~



"We have Dell 3110/3115 low and high yield,

and also carry Xerox Phaser 6180 smartchips.

Xante Ilumina chips for all four colors are now

sold, and we have a wide variety of Samsung

ML (1630, 2150, 2250, 3050, 3470) and

Samsung SCX (4200, 4501, 6220)."








                                Roger Thornhill





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