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Computerized Inkjet Refill Machine
Product #10358
Weight: 53 lbs
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  -- Fully computerized and easily programmable with user friendly LCD touch screen. Perfect for retail store operations.

  -- We use the only highest quality German peristaltic pumps in our machines. This means that its impossible for the air bubbles to go into the cartridge and the refills are very precise. Because of the high price of these pumps, almost all of the other machine manufacturers use vacuum chambers to suck the air from the chamber while refilling. But, if there are air bubbles in the ink tubes, there is no help from this vacuum chamber system. Peristaltic refilling is used by leading remanufacturers. However, a vacuum chamber is included on this machine and a vacuum pump is provided so you can combine the processes.

  -- Fixtures included for remanufacturing every type of inkjet cartridge. Selector valves for special types of inks such as photo.

  -- Three Year Warranty.


Electrical 110volt or 220volt
Compressed Air Not Required
Vacuum Pump Included if You Require
Overall Dimensions 16H x 36W x 15D
Net Weight 24kg, 53 lbs
Shipping Weight 32kg, 71 lbs
Shipping Carton ? x ? x ?


Computerized Inkjet Refilling Machine wiith complete start-up package (more expensive than just the machine) consisting of:

Steam cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner, digital scale, bag sealer, vacuum pump, tape dispenser, packaging and other supplies required to refill and sell ~3000 cartridges. 

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