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PCR Cleaning & Sealing Cream 2 oz., for 120 Rollers
Product #663
Weight: 0.28 lbs
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Faroudja's Cleaning & Sealing cream, used in conjunction with our PCR coating, greatly extends the life of the PCR by cleaning, sealing, and preserving the PCR. The cleaning prevents buildup, cracking, and delaminating of the PCR thus eliminating failure.

If you use our PCR cleaning, you don't need to replace the PCR with a new or recoated PCR, increasing productivity and reducing cost. Tested against OEM and recoated PCRs, a PCR treated with Cleaning Solutions far exceeds its useful lifetime.


-Step 1: SHAKE WELL. Apply a few drops of PCR Cleaning Solution to either a cotton ball or a lint-free cloth.

-Step 2: Apply PCR Cleaning Solution lightly along the axis of the PCR roller in one direction only. Do nut rub back and forth.

-Step 3: Rotate the applicator to a clean area when it turns black, and reapply the Cleaning Solution. Repeat Step 2 until roller is clean.

-Step 4: With a clean cotton ball immediately wipe off roller, do not let PCR Cleaning dry to a haze. The Cleaning Solution seals as it is applied. Make sure all residue is removed from the PCR. Rotate the roller during this procedure.

-Step 5: Using the clean cotton ball buff the PCR to a shine. Use a back and forth motion. 


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