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PCR Coating Cream 16 oz., for 800 Rollers
Product #6399
Weight: 1.02 lbs
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Faroudja's Coating, used in conjunction with our PCR cleaning, greatly extends the life of the PCR by adding a layer of teflon and sealants to the surface of the PCR.

This coating fills in surface scratches and provides much-needed lubrication to the PCR, preventing wear, the main reason for PCR failure. To really work properly, we very much recommend that pcr cleaning solution be applied to the PCR prior to the coating.


FIRST, pre-clean the PCR with CLEANING solution. The cleaning solution should remove all toner and surface contaminants from the sleeve.

. Apply a few drops of pcr coating solution to a cotton pad. It must be a lint-free pad!

Apply pcr coating solution in a back and forth circular motion along the axis of the pcr. Go around the pcr, applying a thin, even coat

Allow to dry for 2 to 3 minutes.

Replace the pcr sleeve in the cartridge. Some small background toner may appear until all the residue is removed from the sleeve. Removal of this is accomplished by making 2 to 5 prints. Once you have made those prints, you have successfully completed the process. 


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