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Wiper blade cream 2 oz., for 200 blades
Product #816
Weight: .012 lbs
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Faroudja Toner Wiper Blade Cream is for use in polyurethane wiper blades, and is formulated with specific chemicals that help clean, seal and lubricate the polyurethane surface of blades.

Its liquid, or creamy, formulation (similar to the OEM) makes it easier to apply than dry powders and also assures deeper penetration on the polyurethane, sealing the surface to a shine and improving toner flow. It has longer-lasting lubrication than traditional padding powders that last a few pages. 

-- Wiper Blade Cream Instructions & Use

-- For sealing, cleaning and extending the life of urethane wiper blades
-- Improves toner flow, elasticity and durability of the blade, and reduces OPC drum friction. 


1. Remove the wiper blade. Upon removal, you will notice that its surface is dirty, hard and may be of yellow color. You can use the cream to clean and lubricate them at the same time.

2. Apply WIPER BLADE CREAM to the urethane surface of the blade using a cotton lint-free cloth. Please note:  It is important that your cloth is lint-free, as you do not want even the smallest lint on the blade, as that may cause print defects.

3. Allow 2 to 3 minutes to dry.

4. Remove any excess of cream that is not attached to the surface.

5. Be sure to remove all cream residue.

6. Upon application, you do not need to apply padding power to the OPC drum.

7. Re-install the blade after you have emptied and cleaned the cleaning section.

NOTE: DO NOT USE ALCOHOL of any kind on the urethane. It may cause damage. 

PRECAUTION:  Harmful if swallowed. Do not get in eyes, on skin or clothing.


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